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Presence, awareness & transformation through Massage Therapy and Life Coaching

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When I'm not taking care of my family or my clients, I'm finding joy in focusing on some exciting projects.

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Whether your looking for ways to handle stress or simply improve your level of happiness, I'd like to help you. My services have expanded so I encourage you to take a peek at the additional options.

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

State and nationally licensed to practice massage since 2003, I’ve managed to help hundreds of clients better connect with their bodies, enabling them to...

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Nyah’s Naturals

Nyah’s Naturals

A natural body care product line developed by our daughter, Nyah Cadence. She has created custom blended sea salt body scrubs and bath salts to compliment my massage...

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

There is bright renewed energy beyond the ripples and waves of life. We always have options and ultimately, we only have this moment. Let’s make the most of it....

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Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway to focus on your health, your career or that one big goal you’ve been dreaming of accomplishing, a retreat just...

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I'm truly grateful for the gift of incredible clients and provide incentive for them to recommend my services to others. Here's what several of them have to say.

Christy has amazing skills! An hour with Christy in the morning made my whole day better. I highly recommend her if you are experiencing any body stiffness or muscle soreness or even if you just want to feel better!

Christy is amazing! ~Jen B.

Very good experience.

Getting a massage from Christy is a fantastic experience from start to finish. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience, or have a specific area that is causing you problems, you won’t be disappointed. ~Anonymous

Courteous, Professional, and a great listener! Won’t go anywhere else! Thank You Christy!! Cheers, Amy

I love my massage therapist. She takes such good care of me. Her facility creates a relaxing environment. She works to remove the stress from my muscles. I fractured my wrist 3 weeks ago and she was so caring and careful with that area and work with my injury to help improve it. ~Marilyn P.

Christy is amazing at knowing exactly how much pressure each area needs and how much time to spend on specific trouble spots. She is great at making clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been to several massage therapists in my lifetime, and I can say that Christy is hands-down the best one I have ever gone to. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. ~Lori G.

Christy is incredible with her hands and technique. I prefer light to medium pressure and even when I have places that need worked out in my muscles she always gets them out gently. Before she begins she always asks about troublesome places or if there’s a focus for the session I prefer. The ambiance is so relaxing I generally fall asleep by the time the session is finished. Best way to take the stress away that I’ve found! ~Tara G.

You. Are. Awesome. ~Tonyja D.

I have a standing bi-weekly appointment with Christy for massage therapy. I own a working farm (emphasis on “working”) and Christy does an amazing job at working out all those sore areas! ~Camille S.

The absolute best massage I’ve ever had. I will never go anywhere else. She is the best. ~John I.

Knows how to help areas that hurt. Felt wonderful afterwards. She’s the best!! ~Madeleine H.

Relaxing atmosphere and an excellent massage that relieved tension and eased back pain. Highly recommended! ~Steve B.

There is nothing to dislike,she is very skilled,very kind you feel great after the massage. ~Marsha S.

Amazingly effective for a short session! No one is better, and I’ve had many therapists. ~Angela F.

Friendly, kind, and professional. Christy is fantastic! I immediately felt better after weeks of pain from sports injury and overuse. ~Chris L.

Christy was very professional and calming. It was a wonderful experience and everything you hope for when you pay to have a massage. ~Stacie R.

Listens to you and your body. Highly recommend. ~Roy D.

If I could give Christy’s work more than 5 stars, I would. I have had many massages and hers are by far the very best. I leave there without a concern in the world, literally in another dimension with my entire being completely relaxed. I am grateful for her. ~Amy W.

Christy is fantastic! She finds knots I didn’t even know I had. I always walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’m looking forward to my next visit!! ~Janet K.

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  • Jen B.
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  • Amy J.
  • Marilyn P.
  • Lori G.
  • Tara G.
  • Tonyja D.
  • Camille S.
  • John I.
  • Madeleine H.
  • Steve B.
  • Marsha S.
  • Angela F.
  • Chris L.
  • Stacie R.
  • Roy D.
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